Apple releases Android app to spot rogue AirTags

Apple has released an Android app to help Android users detect malicious AirTag devices near them that are used for tracking.

Tracker Detect - Apps on Google Play
Tracker Detect looks for Find My compatible item trackers that may be with you.

The app, named Tracker Detect, is available from the official Google Play Store and has already been installed by over 5,000 users.

According to Apple, the app can detect not only AirTag, but also tracking devices from other companies that support Apple’s Find My network.

Someone can scan to find the AirTag or other device to track the location

The iPad and iPhone have built-in support and will display a notification if an AirTag is nearby or moving with a user who does not have an AirTag registered with them.

The AirTag also generates sound if it is in the vicinity of a non-owner for an extended period of time.

Apple is changing this period in June 2021, reducing it from three days to a few hours to prevent people from abusing the product to track others.

Through the release of the Tracker Detect app, we plan to provide Android users with similar protection and the ability to detect rogue AirTags that are worn or left secretly on their property.

Since the release of AirTag in April 2021, such incidents have already happened, the most famous one being a group of Canadian auto thieves who installed AirTags on expensive cars they found in public parking lots, the group would track the cars as they returned home and steal them from the owner’s garage. The group would then track the returning car and steal it from the owner’s garage.