Ransomware Attack Disrupts Hundreds of Bookstores in France, Belgium and the Netherlands

Hundreds of bookstores in France, Belgium and the Netherlands have found themselves out of business after a ransomware attack disrupted the IT systems of TiteLive, a French company that operates a SaaS platform for bookselling and inventory management.

According to reports in the French, Belgian and Dutch press, the incident affected bookstore chains such as Libris, Aquarius, Malperthuis, Donner and Atheneum Boekhandels.

TiteLive shut down its IT infrastructure to prevent the spread of ransomware soon after the initial damage.


As a result, MediaLog, the company’s flagship product used by more than 1,000 bookstores, went down for several days, according to the TiteLive website.

The company told local news outlets that the entry point for the attack was a Windows-based server and that the attackers had demanded a huge ransom but had no plans to pay.

According to reports, the bookstores affected by the TiteLive incident have not shut down their operations, but have opted to track their sales and inventory movements using Excel or other paper-and-pen methods.

Most of the affected bookstores seem to be based in Belgium and the Netherlands.

So far, the ransomware group has not been seen posting or messaging on any of the gang’s blogs or leak sites about the content in this attack.

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