Pharmaceutical giant Novartis Says “No Sensitive Data Was Compromised in Cyber Attack”

Pharmaceutical giant Novartis says no sensitive data was compromised in cyber attack by data-robbing organization Industrial Spy

Industrial Spy conducts extortion activities to sell data stolen from compromised organizations.

The hacker collective began selling data allegedly stolen from Novartis for $500,000 in bitcoin on the Tor extortion marketplace.

The attackers claim that this data relates to Novartis’ RNA- and DNA-based drug technology and testing, and that they stole it “directly from the laboratory environment of the manufacturing plant.”

The data being sold consists of 7.7MB PDF files, all with a time stamp of 2/25/2022 04:26, which appears to be when the data was stolen.

Because the amount of data being sold is negligible, it is unclear if this is all the data the threat actors stole or if they have more data to sell later.

According to Novartis

Novartis is aware of this matter. We have thoroughly investigated and confirmed that no sensitive data has been compromised.

We take data privacy and security very seriously and have implemented industry-standard measures against this type of threat to ensure data security.

Novartis has not stated the answer to any further questions about the breach, such as when it occurred or how the threat actors accessed the data

Industrial Spy is also known to use ransomware in its attacks, but there was no evidence that the devices were encrypted during the Novartis incident