Hacker displays “Your hands are stained with blood” on Russian TV. Further downing RuTube

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Hackers continue to target Russia with cyber attacks, tampering with Russian TVs to display pro-Ukrainian messages and taking down the video streaming site RuTube.

During President Putin’s speech at the Victory Day military parade, a group of pro-Ukrainian hackers defaced a Russian online TV schedule page to display an anti-war message.

Russian citizens who tried to access the TV schedule from their smart TVs read messages condemning Kremlin propaganda and saying their hands were stained with blood from the violence in Ukraine.

RuTube down due to cyber attack

Russian video content provider RuTube also announced that its site was down after a cyber attack.

RuTube is a video streaming site similar to YouTube, with about 3 million visitors per month, primarily from Russian-speaking countries.

Visitors, when accessing the site, appear to have received a message stating that the “site is under construction” due to an attack

The situation is the same when trying to access RuTue from mobile or smart TV apps, so it appears to be a cyber attack against all servers, not just a specific platform.

The attack has been characterized as “powerful,” but its type has not yet been determined, and RuTube has not given an estimate of when the recovery effort will be complete.

Following the Russian ministry’s website, hackers have attacked RUTUBE. The video hosting is under a powerful cyber attack. At this time, access to the platform is not possible. – RuTube

Cyberattacks against Russia have been stable since the war began in February 2022, but because Victory Day was a highly symbolic day of national pride, hackers opposed to the invasion have increased their activity.

At this time, neither hacktivist group has taken a declaration of a cyber attack, so it could be by foreigners, domestic dissidents, or both.

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